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Hello! My name is Lee Bennett and I am a web designer and programmer. I have formal training in coding in Java, HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL. Additionally, I have knowledge and proficiency in JavaScript and JQuery. I am currently seeking to do projects (websites) for others! I also do various works in video and image editing / creation. You can check out all my work below (or click Portfolio above). You can also request for work in the requests page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
A litte bit about myself... I am a 25 year old Korean American Adoptee, gamer, psychology majoring, sci-fi geek. I took an interest in psychology at a very young age and am still interested in it this day. After I graduated, I decided to get formal learning on how to program from the University of Pittsburgh. I took various Java and Web Design courses to give me a solid foundation and start on my journey. In addition to my education, I am an avid gamer who loves to hop on Xbox or Playstation to play games. You can visit my gaming site (DigitalNinjaLee) below to get a bit more about me and gaming.


Image Editing / Creator

I make edit and create images for websites and channels (Youtube, Twitch, etc.)


I also am a freelance website designer / creator!

Video Editor / Creator

I have knowledge in various video editing programs (Premiere, Final Cut, VideoPad)

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Portfolio of websites, images, videos, and everything else in between